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Manage selling and ordering,
all from one in-store app

ShopX introduces a comprehensive mobile app to manage your entire in-store operations, on a single platform. No hardware. No setup - Adopt the future-ready platform for your retail store.

Digital way to manage in-store sales

Our in-store app makes in-person selling easier with its POS-like features designed to deliver.

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    Lightening fast checkout

    Add items to the cart and quickly checkout with our powerful app-based store management.

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    Integrated payment options

    Provide your customers with the ease of shopping in-store using card & cash payment mode.

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    Inventory management

    Manage both online & in-store sales and keep your stock level updated automatically across all channels.

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    Purchase history

    Analyze your store performance and sales with in-store order history, transaction reports & more.

Reinvent in-store ordering

Set up your in-store app on mobile and tablet devices to manage orders, from anywhere.

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    Portable ordering system

    Provide your staff with a portable system to manage orders with our in-store app.

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    Customer self-service app

    Create a better customer experience by using the in-store app that allows users to order in-store.

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